Hi, I'm Lumen, They/Them, 23, ADHD, Taurus. This site is a work in progress.

Welcome to my Website!

Things are a little sparse right now, hope you can forgive me for that! I've come back with some ideas for updates, while also planning on downsizing a little bit. I don't know as much what I want to do with this website right now, but I'm excited to come up with some plans and make a chill little webpage.

About Me

I'm Lumen! I'm a comic artist, I like drawing, writing, playing games, and talking webcomics with people. I've started working on my own webcomic, Sea of Curses, though I've had that on pause for quite a while now. Still! I hope it's worth checking out. It's a fantasy/drama about a world where magic disasters reign, and most people have permanent magical afflictions known as curses. I hope to get back to it soon!

Thanks for checking this out! I might use this site as a bit of a landing page for a while, but I hope to figure out some cool stuff to do with it, and I'm excited to get back into HTML and CSS again, and hopefully learn a bit.

Some plans...

So, I started taking prozac nearly a year ago, and ended up hitting a wall with motivation. It's been wonderful for me, but I had to redifine the way I motivate myself. I think in the past, I used anxiety as a means to make myself productive, telling myself that I was never doing enough. So when suddenly I had meds that work, a wonderful partner, an active job facing the public, art was no longer the thing I turned to as a means to make myself feel valuable. I felt it intrinsically for the first time.

The burnout wall I hit was a long time coming thanks to the way I treated myself, and the ways I was never happy with myself. After all this time though, I do find myself wanting to draw again, write again, come up with project ideas and make cool things! It's not as easy for me as it was before, but I do still have love for the hobbies I used to have. I want to make a nice chill little page here and make a few cute things that can maybe help some people.

I'm downsizing all the stuff I started and focusing on some manageable projects I can build and keep around long term.

For the people who've been following me a while, thanks for the patience. I'll have something cool soon.

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