Lumen's Site Updates

For both pending and completed site changes!


Starting with the immediate to-do list, here's what I would like most to get done.

To-Do list last updated on January 5th!

  • Create an image to go in the space above the main navigation bar.
  • Make a plan for how I want to organize site navigation.
  • Create some new art for the site maybe...?
  • Update my blog probably...


These are things that I find really cool in other sites and want to try my hand at making for myself, or ideas of what I want to do with this site/try coding for myself. Y'know, ideas. I may not try all of these of course, but this seems like a lot of fun.

  • I'd like to try making a mini asset library of free stuff people can use.
  • Create an art page.
  • Help my partner make a neocities!


January 5th, 2023

Happy New Year!

  • Updated my updates page with some new goals and ideas and what not. Wish me luck!

July 5th, 2023

  • Added my social media links to the site... hooray!
  • Sometime yesterday I fixed the day banner and finished drawing it... but it's only on one page. And currently the image isn't hosted on my own actual site so I should probabaly fix all that!
  • I'll do it later. Progress is progress

April 24th, 2023

  • Created a little banner to go above the guestbook for now. Might change this later but I like it so far.
  • Also put the banner on the site. I feel like maybe that could have been one list item.
  • Added a small rules list to the guestbook, mildly unnecessary but I think it's good to have
  • Wrote some comments in the guestbook's html up at the top that tell you the guestbook uses html comment box.

I BROKE THE UPDATE PAGE OHHHH GOD WHY. It just says not found... Is it back up? Ohhhh it's back up

  • Created another little banner for the updates page as well! Got that up, I think it looks nice.
  • The updates page is pretty big, so I drew up a little arrow that brings you back to the top Currently only on updates and guestbook.
  • Made the little arrow glow whenever you hover over it.
  • Added a blog, powered by zonelets! It's currently empty, but more is to come!
  • Changed some formatting on the blog, like how the navbar is displayed, the main content size, some colors, and more.
  • Updated site to now have links to blog within the top bar.

April 21st, 2023

  • Removed Twitter from the navbar to save some space on mobile. I'll remove the link to Mastodon later.
  • Updated the updates to update more updates. Also put the site profile back! Listed more ideas and stuff.

April 20th, 2023

  • Used HTML comment box to try making a guestbook on the site. It needs a bit of work, but yup! It's there.
  • Made updates to the update page! Page now displays actual info about site changes and to-do list in a semi-organized fashion. Added a section for ideas as well. I think I'd like to add more images to this page maybe.
  • Tried taking down the site's neocities profile for a bit while working on updates. We'll see how it goes!
  • Changed update page name from "secondpage" to "updates." The name change is official!!! And now I keep getting page not found errors when I try to go to this page so... I should probably change the nav bar on each page next.
  • Changed the nav bar to link to the correct page. ... On this page (I had it open.) I also added the kind of mediocre guestbook that will one day look better.
  • I fixed the nav bar to go to the new updates page and also the new guestbook! Also I signed my guestbook. The Lumen is filled with joy. (That's me.)
  • Updated side-bar, took down old to-do list on all the different pages. Looks a lot better now!

Prior to April 20th, 2023

  • Made a page for updates that I will eventually update with updates.
  • Made an experimental background! I created it in two different colors and used a script to schange them between day and night. Proof of concept a success, though I don't love the background. I'm meh on the composition and it looks at me funny. Too much eyeball.
  • Made a second page! It's this page. God I hope this works. It's gonna be awkward if this doesn't work.
  • Having lots of fun!!! That's not a site update but I thought it was worthy anyway!
  • Made a favicon! It's a jellyfish. I don't know why it's a jellyfish but honestly it came out pretty cute.
  • Verified my Mastodon on neocities! ... I should probably remove that from the sidebar to-do list.